Board of Directors

Y Fray, Director
❯❯ School Crossing Guard
❯❯ Santa Monica Police Department

Adriano Llosa, Advocacy Consultant, Director

Kim-Wiley Schwartz, Director
❯❯  Assistant Commissioner of Education and Outreach
❯❯  New York City Department of Transportation

Christy Chisolm, Director
❯❯  Lead School Crossing Guard / Santa Monica Police Department

Glen Curado, Director
❯❯  Founder / World Harvest Food Bank

NASCG Officers

Y Fray, President
❯❯  School Crossing Guard
❯❯  Santa Monica Police Department

Cecilia Orozco, Vice-President
❯❯  School Crossing Guard
❯❯  Santa Monica Police Department

Ted Catanzaro,Chief Financial Officer, Treasurer
❯❯   Parent and Business Owner
❯❯   Ted Catanzaro Photography

Debbie Mahdessian, Secretary 
❯❯   Parent and Business Owner
❯❯   Santa Monica Tennis Collective

NASCG Advisory Board

Leigh Ann Von Hagen, AICP, PP
❯❯  Senior Researcher, Adjunct Professor, Alan M. Voorhees Transportation Center
❯❯  A Founder of the Planning Healthy Communities Initiative
❯❯  Edward J. Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy, State University Rutgers, New Jersey

Michael J. Cynecki, PE, PTOE
❯❯   Project Manager
❯❯   Lee Engineering, LLC

Richard Retting, FITE
❯❯   General Manager / Director of Safety/ Research
❯❯   Sam Schwartz Engineering

Lt. Carl Jones
❯❯   Senior Traffic Supervisor II / Citywide Crossing Guard Operations
❯❯   Los Angeles Department of Transportation

John Cinatl
❯❯   Bicycle Coordinator, CalTrans, District 6 (Ret)

Rick Luna
❯❯   Supervisor, School Crossing Guard Unit
❯❯   Santa Monica Police Department

Kristin Haukom, MPH
❯❯   SRTS Planning & Program Specialist
❯❯   Alta Planning & Design, Inc.

Cuca Olivia
❯❯  School Crossing Guard (Ret)
❯❯  Santa Monica Police Department

Ana Crane
❯❯   School Crossing Guard
❯❯   Santa Monica Police Department

Jeff McKinnon
❯❯   School Crossing Guard
❯❯   City of Kitchener, Ontario, Canada

Sevan Gerard
❯❯   BS, M.I.C.P, Paramedic/Firefighter
❯❯   Los Angeles Fire Department

J. Cynthia McDermott
❯❯   EdD, Fulbright Scholar, Educator
❯❯   Antioch University

Richard Kahn
❯❯   PhD, Educator
❯❯   Antioch University

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